To-Go Salad Dressing Cup - M/L


** Featured in Yomiuri Yuukan Newspaper **

Make your favorite salad dressing right in this to-go salad dressing cup, put on the lid and pack it for your lunch! We know salad dressings can be oily and messy - this one is leak-proof, easy to clean and fuss free!

Border lines on the cup makes measuring ingredients easy. Wide mouth for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe. 

Try your hand at Japanese style salad dressing recipes! 10 original recipes included by Registered Dietitian Sakurai Maiko.

50ml and 100ml sizes available. 100ml size includes 14 dressing recipes.

50ml size has 2 color variations: Red, Yellow


Material: AS Resin (cup), polypropylene (lid), Silicone (rubber seal)
Temperature resistant 0~80 degrees Celsius (cup), 0~120 degrees Celsius (lid)
Volume: 50ml or 100ml
50ml Size: 46mm diameter x 50mm height 
100ml Size: 73mm diameter×86mm height

*Do not use in microwave, grill, toaster

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