Pasta Fork and Soup Spoon Set for Kids

Orange and Soda
Grape and Tomato
Yellow and Purple
Orange and Green

Most popular fork and spoon set in Japan. Over 1 million sets sold each year. Find out why this is so popular among kids!

This fork and spoon set removes all the frustration from noodles slipping away and soup spilling on the table.

The secret is at the grooves of the fork and the flat tipped head of the spoon!

Comes in a carry case - great for picnics and bagged lunches. Durable, portable, and usable!

4 colour variations: Orange and Soda, Grape and Tomato, Yellow and Orange, Orange and Green

Age recommendation: 1.5 years ~
Size: 2.4x1.3x14cm (fork), 3x1.5x14 (spoon)
Heat resistant up to 170 degrees celcius (spoon and fork), 120 degrees celcius (case)

Designed and Made in Japan

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