SOS Service


Prepare for the unexpected!  Coming to Japan means you need to prepare for earthquakes, the possible stomachache from eating too much sushi and any other emergencies that may require you to speak to officials in Japanese or understand Japanese! 

Rest assured, Niko Shop is here to help you.  We correspond using text, messaging services (LINE, WhatsApp, Kakao), Skype, email, and phone. During your trip if you need any emergency help at all, please feel free to contact us!  


    Our Prices

    Emergency regular hours (9am - 8pm): $3 per day

    Emergency after hours (8pm - 9am): $5 per day 

    • Please state the dates you will be travelling before you check out in the additional comments section. 
    • After buying this service, we will be contacting you to setup any text messaging services required, and for you to make a test phone call to us to ensure that we can contact each other (you can also do this when you get to Japan). 


      Our Customers

    "In Japan when so few speak or understand English, it is good to know that Niko Shop is here to help." - Mary, Philippine

    "Thank god Niko Shop was here to help when I suddenly had a really bad stomachache and it wouldn't go away!  I called them on the phone and they spoke to the pharmacist for me to pick out the right medicine." - Emma, Canada

    "Didn't end up contacting them but great service to use! Gave me a peace of mind for my trip."  - Christina, Hong Kong

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