Soup Scum Removal Brush

** Featured on ABC Asahi TV, Asahi TV x 2, Online "Tokubai News", Nippon TV, Tokyo TV, TBS TV, Fuji TV, NHK **


Keep your soups clear and scum free. This brush picks up the scum off your soup quickly and easily. Don't waste delicious soup by scooping out scum using a ladle or skimmer. Or waste time by chasing the scum around the pot! This brush ONLY takes out the scum quickly and easily. A must when making stews, soups, and stocks. Fish-shaped handle is a clever plus! 



Material: Horse hair (brush), Stainless steel (wire and hanger), Styrene resin (fish shaped handle) 
Handle is heat resistant up to 70℃
Size: 5×26.5×1.5cm
Made in Japan


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