Stretchy Sandwich Case

Light blue
** Featured on NHK "Ohayou Nippon" TV Show, Tokyo TV **

Yikes! Sandwich fillings falling out of the bread! Problem solved with this Sandwich Stretch Case. Make sandwiches in the case, close the lid and pack it! No need for single use plastic zip baggies, wax paper, or plastic wrap. Make simple and easy homemade lunches right in this reuseable case.

How does it work?
One side of the case is hard plastic, and the other is a silicon lid that stretches when you close the lid, pressing your sandwich together. Once closed, it is slim and sandwich fillings don't move around.

Here's an example:

Gluten-free? This case is also suitable for the Japanese popular "onigirazu" (rice ball-wich). Just replace the sandwich bread with Japanese seaweed and grain rice. 

How do you make Japanese riceball-wich?

How to make Japanese riceball-wich

Comes in 3 Colors: Light Blue & White, Red & White, Yellow & White.

Material: polypropylene (frame), Silicone rubber (lid)
Temperature resistance: 0~80 degrees Celsius
Size: 162×22×165mm

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