Salt and Sugar De-clumper

** Featured in Fujisankei Business Newspaper**

Due to the number of comments we received from our blogpost, The De-clumping Spoon for Salt and Sugar, we are stocking a version of this amazing product!

Humidify or dehumidify your salt and sugar canisters and make your salt and sugar smooth like untouched sand.

The Ecocarat product line uses "Porous Ceramics" that absorbs and evaporates 5 times more moisture at 5 times the speed than other ceramics made from diatomaceous earth.

*Results depend on environment, ventilation, etc.

Salt clumps together when the humidity is high. Dehumidify your salt canister and make your salt sprinkle-able using the power of the Ecocarat drying stone.
Air dry the stone completely before placing it into the canister. For long-lasting sprinkle-able salt, remove it from the stone from the canister and completely dry it once a month.

Sugar clumps together when humidity is low. Add humidity to your sugar canister to keep your sugar soft using the power of the Ecocarat stone!  Wet the stone and thoroughly let the surface dry. Place it in your sugar canister for 3~5 hours, remove and see your sugar unclump! When it starts forming clumps again, repeat the steps.

Color variations: 3 colors (each box includes 2 in the same color)

Material: Porous ceramics
Size: 4×3.3×0.8cm
Made in Japan

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