Travel Reservations

Get that reservation!  Before your trip, we call on your behalf to reserve hotels, restaurants, spas... anything you need help with that can be done with a phone call!  Examples include:
  • Reserve seats at authentic and popular restaurants ← Popular!!
  • Change restaurant seating and menus. 
  • Reserve hotel rooms during high season (think 2020 Olympic!). 
  • Change hotel reservations (example, from regular bed room to tatami room). 
  • Have allergies? We can help tell the restaurant or hotel your situation. 
  • etc...

To use this service, send us the necessary information by emailing us, or filling in the form found here.  


Our Prices

$4 per phone call or reservation

No cost to you

We will refund you any fees if the reservation or changes you want is not available.*

*Applies for reservations made 4 weeks in advance or the earliest date the reservation can be made, which ever one comes later.

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