Mini Desktop Cleaner

This mini garbage sweeper is a best seller in Japan for over 10 years. Roll this mini car back and forth and see two brooms sweep up small bits of trash such as eraser shavings or small bits of paper. See through body shows the mechanics of the brooms and when it's time to empty out the garbage. This is popular with both kids and adults. 
    • Easy to use: Cleans up garbage from the hole puncher, eraser shavings, and any other small garbage on your desk with just a forward roll.  Simply open the bottom to throw out garbage.
    • Multifunctional: Acts as a display item, a garbage sweeper, a toy for little kids - it may even motivate them to do homework (not guaranteed!)
    • Great gift for kids in birthday party loot bags, stocking stuffers, etc.

Size: L5.5 x W4.2 x H3.2 cm

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