Easy Foldable Eco Bag Large

Eco Bag L Triangle
Eco Bag L Navy
Eco Bag L Dots
Eco Bag L Red

**Featured in Asahi Newspaper, Nippon TV, TBS, Media**

No more messy, crumpled eco-bags in the back seat, or stuffed in drawers! With just one pull and "shupatto!" - the bag becomes neatly folded, and ready to be rolled up back into it's original compact shape. It's the easiest eco bag we have ever used. 

This bag in Large can fit over a shopping bag and hold a maximum of 15kg. During checkout, place this bag over a basket and ask the cashier to scan and put your items inside. When they're done, close the button and pull the handle and you're ready to go!

4 Colour variations: Black, Navy, Dots, Triangle

Click here for Easy Foldable Eco Bag Medium size. 

Size: W38 x L50 cm (in use); W7.5 x L10 cm (folded)
Body material: 100% polyester
Handle material: polypropylene
Maximum weight limit: 15 kg

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