Easy Foldable Eco Bag Medium

Eco Bag M Red
Eco Bag M Navy
Eco Bag M Dots
Eco Bag M Black
Eco Bag M Pasta
Eco Bag M Stripes
Eco Bag M Triangle
Eco Bag M Diagonal Stripes
Eco Bag M Light Blue
Eco Bag M Flowers

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  • Asahi Newspaper 
  • Fuji Sankei Business i 
  • NHK Asaichi 
  • TBS Oosama Brunch 
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  • NHK Good Morning Japan

No more messy, crumpled eco-bags in the back seat, or stuffed in drawers!

With just one pull and "shupatto!" - the bag becomes neatly folded, and ready to be rolled up back into it's original compact shape. It's the easiest eco bag we have ever used. 

9 regular colour variations: Red, Navy, Dots, Triangle, Black, Pasta, Flower, Light Blue, Diagonal Stripes 

1 special colour: Stripes

Click here for Easy Foldable Eco Bag in L size.

Size: W30 x L32 cm (in use); W6 x L8 cm (folded)
Body material: 100% polyester
Handle material: polypropylene
Maximum weight limit: 5 kg

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