Easy Foldable Cooler Bag Medium

Cooler Bag Navy
Cooler Bag Stripes
** Featured on Nikkei MJ TV Show on February 26, 2018 **

Eco bags that get stuffed into the bottom of your backpacks and purses don't have to be that way! Easy foldable bag cooler bag is now available!

Convenient inner pocket allows you to put in ice packs to keep food even cooler. Great for after work grocery shopping (fits in your purse!), and hot picnic days.

Pull both ends and just roll. Makes your eco bag compact, and your backpacks and purses organized. Similar to our Roll-Up Eco Bag. 

3 colour variations: Red, Navy, Stripes

Small size also available here.

Material: polyester (outer), aluminum insulated sheet (inner), polyester (handle) 
Weight resistant up to 5 kg
Size: Medium 35×28cm (in use), 14×12×7cm (folded)


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