Crispy Toast Plate

Toast Plate Blue
Toast Plate White
Toast Plate Gray
** Featured in Fuji Sunkei Business Newspaper **

You're ruining a perfectly good piece of toast! When hot toast meets a plate, it unfortunately means the demise of crispy toast. Over a span less than a minute, the bottom side will get soggy.

The Crispy Toast Plate absorbs the inevitable moisture and keep your toast as crispy as when it came out of the toaster.

No more hacks like putting a knife, or paper towel under the toast. Have your toast and take your time to enjoy it. 

Ecocarat Series

This toast plate is part of the Ecocarat Series featuring "Porous Ceramics" - products that absorb or evaporates more than 5 times the moisture, and 5 times faster than other ceramics made from diatomaceous earth.

Colour variations
Blue, Gray, White

Material: Porous cermaics
Size: 146×164×8mm
Made in Japan

How to care for your plate

  • Wash with soapy water after use and leave it out to dry or dry in a microwave (500W for 3 minutes)
  • To remove stains, soak in a tub of soapy water and rinse. Leave out to dry or dry in a microwave (500W for 5 minutes)
  • Do not scrub the plate or use harsh chemicals to remove stains.

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