Best Hot Coffee/Tea Tumbler


This is the best tumbler we've found for coffee and other aromatic hot drinks.  Why?

1.  13 Aroma outlets on the lid lets you enjoy the aroma while you drink

2. Easy to drink from - lid curves down to prevent lid from hitting your nose and blocks ice for cold drinks

3. Keeps the drink hot/cold - no need to open the lid to enjoy your coffee while keeping it hot/cold

4. Clean and odorless - uses Teflon coating for easy cleaning and removes odors from the previous drink.

Volume: 310 ml
Weight: 180 g
Size: Diameter at lid 7.5cm, h15.5cm
Material: stainless steel (outer body, inner body), fluororesin (top layer on outer body), acrylic resin (top layer on inner body), polypropylene (lid), silicone (rubber ring)

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