Baby Sock-Shoes

$27.50 $14.50

Training shoes for children 6 - 24 months.

Based on the study of body mechanics, these sock-shoes are designed to safely support baby's feet during their first steps and while they gain confidence on their feet.

Both sock and shoe in one, these shoes will protect your baby's feet from cold winter indoor flooring, and can also be used as an outdoors shoe.  

Great for baby, great for the environment
The sole of the shoe is made from light weight, non-slip thermo plastic rubber, so toddlers are safe to walk with full grip on floors. As there are no stitches or adhesives used during production,  they are safe when babies inevitably puts it in their mouths. 

Always clean
Holes on the bottom of the shoe are designed to let feet breathe, resulting in a bacteria-free, sweat-free environment for the baby's feet. The shoes can be washed easily in the washing machine using the gentle cycle.


Material: Upper - Cotton, Polyurethane; Sole - Thermo plastic rubber
Sole thickness: 8mm
Weight: 45g per shoe

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