2-Way Lunch Bag-Mat


Look like a regular bag but it can conveniently spread out and change into a lunch mat. Fully washable, this lunch bag is a must for spring and summer picnics and outings.  Simple pattern makes it great for bringing it into the workplace too!

Simply undo the drawstring that doubles as the shoulder strap and open.  Creating your own clean personal lunch space has never been easier!

Contents not visible from the outside, lunch does not fall out

Your homemade lunch goes in the opening on the inside of the bag. This keeps your lunch free from dust, and prevents your lunch from falling out. 

Bottom board included to prevent your bag from toppling over

Includes a stabilizing board to prevent your lunch from toppling over when it is rested on a table. 
*Do not wash with the stabilizing board inserted

Simple Design

Different solid colours make it easy to match with work clothes too. 

Colour variations

3 colours to choose from starting from the top: Grey, Navy, White.






Material: Polyester (body), polyethylene (board)
Maximum weight resistant: 2kg
Size: 46x41cm (when spread out as a mat)

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