2-Way Microfiber Umbrella Bag Large

Umbrella Bag Big Black
Umbrella Bag Big Navy
Umbrella Bag Big Olive

Hang it on the outside of tote bags, shoulder bags or brief cases. This 2-way Umbrella bag is made with microfiber that will absorb rainwater from dripping umbrellas. Let this bag catch dripping water before your suit or documents catch it! Zipper designed for easy opening and closing. 

For umbrellas 30 cm long and 19 cm in diameter when folded.

Colors: Black, Navy, Olive

Click here for 2-Way Mini Microfiber Umbrella Bag (for 21 cm long umbrellas)
Click here for 2-Way Microfiber Umbrella Bag (for 27 cm long umbrellas)

Material: Polyester (outer), 90% polyester, 10% nylon (inner)
Size: Approximately 32cm x 10cm

Note: Always hang dry umbrella bag after use to avoid mold.

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