2-in-1 Foaming Brush


** Featured on Tokyo TV on September 24, 2017 **

Stop spending precious time scrubbing dirty collars, sleeves and other clothing stains. Try this new 2-in-1 Foaming Brush with your favourite detergent to make your job easier and faster and your hands happier.

Open the cap and put in your favourite detergent. Press "push" and the detergent will come out from an opening beneath the brush bristles. Scrub as necessary. No more fussing with separate soap and brush - and no more dry, cracked hands!

1.  Detergent may not come out promptly if your detergent is thick in consistency. If this happens, add in some water to thin out the detergent.

Material: AS resin, ABS resin (bottle), polypropylene (cap), nylon (brush)
Size: d6.6 x h8.3 cm
Heat resistent to 80 degrees C.

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