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Cleaning is half the battle of preparing meals at home, wouldn't you agree? I would rather cooking all day than clean. A dishwasher if you're lucky to have one, helps a lot, but then there's still the rest of the kitchen to clean up. What if there's an easier way? 

I recently moved back to Canada and one of the things I needed to do right away was to adjust to cooking in a new environment. My son has multiple food allergies, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food. Thinking ahead when I was packing, I brought with me a few tried and trusted kitchen tools from Japan - most notably, these big standing aluminum panels. What are they for, you ask? 

Aluminum shield

They're designed to cover walls from oil and sauce splatter when cooking. Pan frying, deep frying, simmering pasta sauces - it can all get messy and require a good wipe down after cooking. Special cleaning solutions and elbow grease is required if I wait too long after each meal. The knobs and the stainless steel panel on stoves is particularly troublesome. Can you tell I don't like to clean? Haha!

Luckily I have these standing aluminium panels to keep my kitchen clean. I use them closer to the pan (see photo below), to reduce even more clean up time.  Usually, I take it out of the cupboard and unfold it before cooking, and store it away after. It is actually such a simple, obvious design, but you'd be amazed at great it works! 

Cooking with the aluminum shield


The shield is big enough for larger pots and woks too. I've reused this more times than I can count - you can give it a wash if it gets too dirty after awhile.

Why do we all waste time scrubbing our kitchen stovetops? With only a little bit of inconvenience by using this aluminum panel, I save time during my day, have more time to cook tasty dishes for my family, and enjoy my evenings a little bit more. That counts towards living a relaxed, happier life in my books. 


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