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Colors, patterns, lengths, textures, prints, different fabrics, add-on bows, frills, you name it. People in Japan love socks. It's custom to remove your shoes often in Japan. Almost anywhere there's carpet and mostly indoors in fact, so it's very likely chance that someone will see your socks throughout the day. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. Socks with a hole in them? Laundry day is no excuse! 

There are different socks for different occasions of course, but sometimes it can get a little crazy. Want people to look at your cute new flats? Get "hidden" socks that only cover the bottom of your foot. They are unbelievably useful and these have taken off all around the world.

​If that doesn't blow your mind, how about "painted toenail stockings"? Save time and money and skip the weekly pedicure - just wear these stockings with an image of painted toenails. It's a fresh new pedicure everyday. Classic or gel pedicure? There are options for a shiny "gel-like" look and feel too.


These socks come in 2 lengths, long and short stockings. From a standing distance, I couldn't tell the difference. Who wants to give them a go? :) ​​


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