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Kids move around a lot - even in their sleep. With this sleep sack, parents don’t have to worry about loose blankets. The sleep sack keeps babies warm and snuggly, and helps parents with a better night’s sleep. 

This sleep sack comes highly recommended. My son has been using this since he was a year old and at 7, he's still loving it. It gets fairly cold where we live in Japan, even indoors, so he likes to wear it at home during the day too, “it’s like walking in a blanket,” he says. 

I love it because I know he's warm, and it's a well-made and designed product. Here's why:

1.  Unlike other sleep bags, the wide shoulders in this version keeps cold air from getting too close to the shoulders. It makes a huge difference in warmth.

2.  There are elastic bands under both arm openings keep warmth in.
3.  The outer layer is soft cotton, inner filling is 85% down and feather. Down is well-known for its heat retention, and breath-ability. It’s versatile in the both the winter season, and an air-conditioned room in the summer.
4.  It's lightweight for a quiet, comfortable sleep.
5.  The double zipper zips from both the top and the bottom. Legs can be opened up for those kids who kick and move around a lot in their sleep. 

6.  The zipper cover covers the top zipper from scratching your baby's face.

7.  100% washable, as we all know children seem to become dirty at all times of the day.
8.  It adjusts as your baby grows. As a baby, it covers their feet while sleeping. When your baby gets older, wear it around in the house during the day as a long vest (fold the legs up for shorter kids).


    Makes a great baby shower gift too. 

    Size: 50 x 80 cm
    Outer material: 100% cotton
    Inner lining: 85% polyester 15% cotton
    Inner filling: 85% white down, 15% feather
    Filling weight: ~80 g


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