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Bread, apples, microwave, and terracotta coins - what do they have in common? They all claim to soften hardened sugar back to it’s original soft fluffy form. Ever tried to get one cup of sugar when it’s hardened to fossil? Hacking away at it feels futile and frustrating. 

We seem to have found the prettiest and most interesting solution to this problem. With this “tokosaji” spoon, hardened sugar and salt don’t stand chance.  Place the spoon in your sugar and salt canister and it will effortlessly de-clump

This mysterious spoon is made by “Tokonameyaki”, a pottery maker in Aichi. The pottery house has been making handmade pottery for over 1,000 years, and continues to make this special set of sugar and salt spoons by hand. 



Why do both sugar and salt clump? Sugar has a lot of moisture and so it clumps when the moisture evaporates because of low humidity. Salt, on the other hand, clumps because its environment has too much moisture.

The “tokosaji” spoon is baked in a low temperature oven over a long period of time, creating lots of air bubbles inside. The key is these air bubbles absorbs moisture when it’s placed in a salt canister.

​For sugar, wet the spoon first, and it’ll maintain the moisture in the sugar canister. Leave the spoons in overnight and the salt and sugar will still look clumpy - but when touched, it flattens out and becomes smooth and useable again! 

The spoons can also be used in coffee and tea canisters as they are also affected by low humidity.  This product promises quality craftsmanship and may relieve some of your stress in the kitchen.  Also makes a great housewarming gift.

One set includes 2 spoons in pastel blue and yellow.

*Images from Shin-shouhin.com


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