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Nasty hairbrush alert!  Whenever I pick up my hairbrush, it reminds me that I need to find time to pick out all the hair and lint off of it. But what mother in any day or age has time for that?  Finally, hairbrush users everywhere, I’ve found something that can clean your hairbrush quickly and easily. But first - let’s look at the state of my hairbrush. 

I know that a hairbrush cleaner must be out there - I am not the only one with this problem!

While I was out shopping for scissors to cut my son’s hair and I came across this great tool called the "Hairbrush cleaner". It's made by MaPePe, a company that specializes in hair tools.  

Excited, I bought it right away and went home to test it out.

I used the tool to rake from the bottom of the bristles up from the edges, and also across the bristles.

Incredibly, lots of hair came off, and the lint too! (Has anyone ever wondered how that lint gets on a hairbrush?). This tool has saved me so much time, I can’t recommend it enough.

After just a few rakes, voila! Looking as good as new.

Finally, one less thing off my mind!. Do you have to-do’s at the back of your mind? If one of them is cleaning a dirty hairbrush, then you can cross that off your list.


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