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Finally after several months of working on our new site, we're launching it!  We hope anyone who comes across us will have a better shopping experience!

To celebrate our new website, we are offering a free erasable Frixion pen with every order, no minimum purchase!  Choose from 5 colours: Blue black, forest greenorangewine red, and brown. 


What is a Frixion pen?

Frixion is a pen that Pilot had been in developing for 30 years and since 2007 is finally on the market to be sold.  In short, it uses a special ink that can be "erased" when rubbed with the special rubber end of the pen.  The friction causes the ink to disappear.

The pen is so popular and useful, as of April 2017, Pilot has sold more than 2,000,000,000 pens!  Lots of variations are on the market for all occasions: different size tips, colours, pen bodies, you name it. 

Try one and I promise you'll never go without one near you again!

Get one of the rare colours not widely available for sale as a thank-you gift from us!  

Our free gift is a 0.38 Frixion Ball Slim with Niko Shop logo on the body. Slim enough to be carried around, attached to agendas or in one of our stationary stands!  Put these pens to work with temporary appointments, correctable memos and documents edits.  Just don't use it to sign back of credit cards!


First 2 images are taken from the Pilot website.


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